We Sell Great Plants.

PlantsnYou is a one stop shop for all gardening products and services. We started in as an idea to augment and upgrade the way plants are sold across India. PlantsnYou is founded in New Delhi, which regularly features in the least favorable air index lists. Our aim is to heal the air around us little by little, house by house and to create zero carbon footprint for all our customers.

How do we do it?

At plantsnyou, we are bringing the much needed change in gardening industry of India, which has stood still from decades. Plants are still bought and sold in a very constricted way. The fact that, you are only able to purchase about 300 types of plant(with hassles involved) and there are more than a million plants available. We want to change. We are combining technology with plants to create innovative solutions.

Services That We Provide

  • Landscaping and Garden Maintenance.
  • Vertical Gardening.
  • GreenLeap - Plant Renting for Corporates.
  • Gardener Services.