Cockscomb | Celosia Caracas Plant


The celosia caracas is a very versatile plant with an unusual, yet elegant, shaped flower that can display quite a lot of different shapes, sizes and vibrant colors. This flower is often referred to as a cockscomb and is a more popular term used by gardeners due to its appearance.

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Plant comes with a 6 inche pot.

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The cockscomb plant is versatile in height, sometimes remaining as short as a few inches while others grow to a few feet. The irregular growth habits of the cockscomb plant can lead to surprises in the garden.

Full sun locations allow cockscomb Celosia to grow taller. But cockscomb may grow in only partial sun, so it can happily exist when partially shaded by taller plants.

Pinching back the first bloom on these flowers can cause branching and a more abundant display of flowers on each cockscomb plant. Plant seedlings into rich, well draining soil that has warmed in late spring.

Seedlings may be grown indoors or purchased. Those living in warm areas may sow the tiny seeds directly into the flower bed. In areas farther north, make sure the soil has warmed before planting, as letting the cockscomb plant get a chill can cause summer flowering to cease or not happen. Leaving seedlings too long in crowded cell packs may have the same result.

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-24 inches
Full Sun
Flower Color