Duranta green


Duranta is a fast growing tropical shrub with beautiful blooms and fantastic foliage. It is native to Mexico to South America and the Caribbean and belongs to the verbena family Verbenaceae.

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Plants come with 4-6 inch pot.


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These beautiful tropical flowering shrubs are easy to care for and all you need to worry about is watering them in the dry season. Do not grow Durantas along building foundations because you'll have to prune them away from walls.

The plant can grow in full sun or partial shade. For better growth plant it in a region where it'll receive abundant sunlight throughout the day.The plant has rich green foliage. Flowers are blue, white or lavender coloured and grow in clumps. The fruit looks like berries and is orange in colour. Thorns develop on the branches as the plant matures. Prune the plant to give it a compact, neat shape. Flowering season is in spring and lasts till fall.

Data sheet

Plant Height
18-24 inches
Full Sun