Dracaena Longifolia


Dracaena Longifolia is an evergreen plant. Dracaena Longifolia has an easily recognisable appearance, with blade-shaped leaves – that can grow to over 1ft in length.

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Plant comes with 5-6 inch pot.


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These plants have vigorous root systems and beautiful foliage. This plant with stiff leaves is often seen in offices due to their hassle-free nature and sophisticated appearance.Despite their beautiful appearance, it should be noted that Dracena is extremely poisonous to cats and dogs. Therefore they should be planted with appropriate caution.These plants are completely hassle-free. They are very forgiving and can survive almost any adverse condition.It should be noted that the plant is sensitive to fluorides. Therefore, it should be watered using distilled water only which is free from any fluorides

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-18 inches

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