Golden Fern


The Fern Plant is a kind of Vascular plant that reproduces through spores. It a beautiful plant for ornamentation. It is very easy to grow. It has rich medicinal values.

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Plant comes with 4-6 inch pot.

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The Fern plant belongs to the group of Vascular plants that reproduces via spores. They do not reproduce by seeds or flowers.The Fern has about 10,560 species throughout the world. Some of the species are now extinct.Fossil records have proven that Fern plants existed on earth even 360 million years ago. The Fern plant have its own place in ancient mythologies and art as well.Fern is grown as a houseplant in various parts of the world. It is very easy to grow.It is a non-flowering plant. It is basically ornamental, when planted indoors. It can also be planted in gardens.The Fern is a low maintenance houseplant.

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