Hibiscus is a common houseplant known for their flowers. They are easy to grow and requires very less maintenance. They belong to the family of Malvaceae.

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Plant comes with 6-8 inches pot.


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Hibiscus belongs to a flowering genus of Malvaceae family. They come in a comes in a variety of species ranging from annual to perennial plants with a difference in flowers and stem. They are a popular plant in home gardens for their ease to grow and the beautiful flowers.They are easy to grow and moderate maintenance plant. They can be planted in any containers. Hibiscus requires ample of water, moist soil and high humidity to grow.

Water them daily during the summer. Excessive watering can lead to dropping of hibiscus. Let the soil dry out between the watering. Water the plant with 4 to 5 cups of water alternately. The soil should be moist in texture but should drain well.

Data sheet

Plant Height
16-20 inches
Full Sun

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