Pedilanthus Variegated


Devil's Backbone is a succulent shrub with thick zigzag stems native to dry tropical forests of Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and northern South America.

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Plant comes with 6-8 inch pot.


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Pedilanthus fleshy bract-cups are shaped like pink slippers and are only open at the tip. Pedilanthus, literally "slipper flower", are members of the Euphorbiaceae family. This subtropical succulent is a distant relative of  poinsettias. Devil's Backbone grows 2' to 4' tall and 2' to 3' wide. It has 1" to 3" long leaves and makes an excellent potted plant or low shrub.Pedilanthus is available in two varieties, green and variegated. The variegated form takes on a pinkish tint during cooler weather. Scroll down to see how they get gasoline from the Slipper Flower plant.

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-16 inches

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