Sedum Pachyphyllum


Sedum pachyphyllum is a small, low ground cover succulent.Sedum pachyphyllum is a small ground-hugging shrubby succulent. It has ¼" thick blue green leaves resembling jelly beans and which are about an inch long.

NOTE: Plant comes with a 3-4 inch pot.

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Over time, the silvery stems lengthen and grow along the ground, dropping leaf segments which root to become another plant. In summer, Sedum pachyphyllum will bloom with yellow star-shaped flowers. In cooler dry weather, when grown in full sun, the plant's leaf tips will take on a reddish hue.

A slow release fertilizer works well for Sedum pachyphyllum, and it can tolerate irrigation if the soil has excellent drainage. It is best located in a somewhat protected place where the stems won't be knocked about as leaf segments easily detach to become new plants. There are several different cultivars of this plant available as well.

Data sheet

Plant Height
5-10 inches
Partial Shade to Full Sun
Very drought tolerant

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