Zebra Haworthia


Haworthia reinwardtii is a succulent flowering shrub. It belongs to the family Asphodelaceae. It is considered to be a native of Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is one of the species of Haworthia that is widely grown owing to its ornamental features.

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Plant comes with 6-8 inches pot


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The Haworthia reinwardtii hails from the Asphodelaceae family.The succulent flowering shrub is natively cultivated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.It is widely cultivated to produce alluring pinkish white flowers which are used for decorating homes and offices. They are also used as a gift plant.The haworthia is a robust plant with large rosettes.It is grown widely as it is fairly easy to grow and propagate.A temperature of 50 degrees Celsius is considered ideal for the growth of the plant.The Haworthia reinwardtii can grow up to a maximum height of 15 centimetres.

Data sheet

Plant Height
6-8 inches
Partial Sun

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