Pack of Cactus


The cactus family includes a large variety of succulent plants that vary size and color. Some grow into tall columns, reaching up to 50 feet high, while others are only a few inches high and well-suited for growing in pots

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All Plant comes with 4 inch pot.

Pack - Consists of 6 exotic cactus plants.


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These cacti generally produce brightly colored flowers and take on interesting shapes. You can buy mini-cacti already potted in small containers; with proper care they can grow indoors while adding interest and color to a room

Since mini-cacti are succulents and produce colorful flowers, they require about four hours of direct sunlight daily.Mini-cacti need well-drained soil and like other succulents, they do not need as much water as other plant varieties. Careful observation can help you determine a watering schedule for your cactus.

Data sheet

Plant Height
6-8 inches
Full Sun

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