Adenium Plant


In nature, Adenium obesum is quite variable but can form a small, thick-trunked tree or large shrub.  Because their size can be restricted, and because of the unusual shapes, they are becoming increasingly popular subjects for tropical or succulent bonsai.

Given the right conditions, they can be fast-growing and rewarding houseplants in most any climate.

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Plant comes with 6 inch black plastic pot.


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Adeniums do not like to be in wet soil during cool periods. Restrict water a bit during cooler, cloudy periods, and cut back on watering as fall approaches.

Adenium obesum can be kept in leaf almost throughout the year, especially under ideal conditions such as in a warm greenhouse. In this case, light watering is acceptable, especially on warmer days, perhaps every week or two throughout the winter; be sure to allow the soil to dry for several days between waterings.

Caution! All adeniums have highly toxic sap.

Use care when handling and pruning plants. Do not get sap in your eyes. If you get sap on your skin, wash promptly. 

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-24 inches
Full Sun
Flower Color