Gazania (purple flowering) plant


It’s hard to believe that a plant this rugged can be so beautiful! Gazania is a well-known annual and perennial because of its extreme heat and drought tolerance. It also has exceptionally beautiful flowers that can stretch to 4 inches across and come in vibrant colors. It’s easy to see why gazania is such a great plant.

NOTE: plant will come in 6 inch pot.

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Blooms of the gazania plant come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The color spectrum of gazania is primarily toward the warm end, showcasing bright yellows, oranges, or reds with splashes of hot pinks. In many cases, flowers come in combinations of those colors as well. Blossoms typically have a base color with brushstrokes of a deeper color through the middle. It is important to note that gazania blooms are only open during the day. At night, and even on stormy or overcast days, blossoms are held tightly closed. So if you are thinking about planting these near a popular nighttime hangout, you may want to look for another plant.

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-16 inches

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