Begonia Plant Seeds


Begonias can be grown from seed, but if you are planning on doing this, you first need to make sure you can provide the correct growing conditions for the seeds to germinate. They can be sown any time between mid-January and mid-March.

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Seeds comes In 10gm Pack.

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Begonia seed is as fine as dust and, when opening the packet, care should be taken as it is difficult to see and easily discarded if caught in the seam of the packet. A handy tip is to open the packet over the top of a piece of white paper, so any seed that falls can be easily seen.

As the seed is so fine, inexperienced gardeners can find it difficult to handle and sow.

A handy tip when sowing any fine or small seed is to open the packet and put a pinch of dry silver sand in with the seed. Shake this together, and then when it comes to sowing the seed you will be able to see the grains of sand fall, making even distribution of the seed far easier.

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Full Sun
Well Drained
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