Cleome Plant Seeds


Cleome or spider flower is often overlooked as a seedling in garden centers because of its nondescript, almost weedy, appearance. However, once established in the flower garden, cleome puts on a dazzling summer flower show until frost. It’s a tall, thorny-stalked annual with spider-like flower heads.

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Plant cleome seed on fertile beds in spring after all danger of frost has passed. Don’t bury the seed as it needs light to germinate. Simply press seed into the soil and keep it well watered. You can also purchase cleome transplants from garden centers or start them indoors under grow lights 6 weeks before your last frost date. Direct seeded cleome will start blooming later than transplants, but if you’re growing many plants this is a less expensive way to grow them.

Plant in full sun, thinning or spacing individual plants to 1 foot apart. Plant where you won’t have to brush against the stems often since many varieties have thorns. Look for newer hybrid thornless varieties if that becomes an issue.

Data sheet

Full Sun
Droughty Soil
Average Water
Bloom time
Late Summer