Ice Plant Seeds


Several plants commonly referred to as ice plants were once grouped together under the genus Mesembryanthemum. These plants have since been reclassified into several genera, leaving many different plant species sharing the name “ice plant.”

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The term ice plant may refer to species in the Delosperma, Drosanthemum, Lampranthus, Cephalophyllum and Carpobrotus genera. Plants in the Carpobrotus genus are considered to be invasive in some locations and are best avoided. The other genera of this low-growing plant all grow well in full sun and moist soil. 

Transplant the ice plant seedlings into their outdoor flower beds after they have been hardened off and all danger of frost has passed. Plant the seedlings in full sun, spacing them 12 to 18 inches apart. Lampranthus varieties can be planted closer together and need only 10 inches of space.

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