Lucky Bamboo (3 Layered)


Three-Layer Lucky Bamboo is known by many names such as Friendship Bamboo, Curly Bamboo, and Lucky Bamboo. They belong to the family of Asparagaceae.

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Plant comes with a Glass Pot.


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The scientific name of the 3-layer Lucky Bamboo is Dracaena Braunii. It belongs to the plant species of genus Dracaena, better known as Dracaena Sanderiana.It is known by various other names as well. Lucky Bamboo, Friendship Bamboo, Curly Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, Belgian Evergreen are some of them.Although most of its name has the word 'bamboo' in it, yet it has a completely different taxonomic order from original bamboos.The nickname of the plant may suggest that it has its origin in China or Belgium. On the contrary, this plant is held native to African states.It is a common indoor plant in most parts of the world, especially in India, China, and Taiwan. The reason for its popularity is that it can be easily taken care of.Lucky Bamboo is a low maintenance indoor plant. Even in a poor lighting condition and adverse situation, it can grow without any hindrance.

Data sheet

Plant Height
4-6 inches

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