Lucky Bamboo (2 Layered)


2 Layer Lucky Bamboo is an indoor houseplant commonly known as Chinese water bamboo. It belongs to the family of Asparagaceae.

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Plant comes with a Glass Pot.


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The 2-layer lucky bamboo plant belongs to the species Dracaena sanderiana.It is not actually a bamboo plant. It is also known as Chinese water bamboo, goddess of mercy plant, curly bamboo, and ribbon plant. Most of the 2-layer lucky bamboo plants are grown in water, but some are potted up in the soil, as well. The leaves of this plant can be mildly toxic, and hence, should be kept away from pets, and children.The 2-layer lucky bamboo plant does not require constant care. The poorly cared plants can grow for a long period of time.This plant is generally grown in a glass vase, which is filled with pebbles, and water. It can also be grown in a metal vase.It can also be potted in the soil, but the soil should be well aerated for the proper growth of this plant.

Data sheet

Plant Height
4-6 inches

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