Chowlai Red Seeds


Amaranth or Amaranthus is a tropical and sub-tropical seasonal crop categorized as a leafy vegetable, cereal, and also as an ornamental plant.  It is naturally gluten-free and is also a great addition to gluten-free dishes.

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Seeds Comes In 10 Gm Pack.


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Red Chowlai has been cultivated as a grain for 8,000 years. The yield of cholai is comparable to rice or maize.It can also be used to extract oil – a particularly valued pressed seed oil with many commercial uses.

A nutritious, leafy green for warmer areas. It is a fast-growing and best to harvest the whole plant as older plants get tough and bitter tasting.

Successive sowings will provide greens over a long period.

The leaves have a sweet, tangy flavour and are best cooked, raw leaves should not be eaten very often, as they are high in nitrates and oxalic acid.

Thinly sprinkle the seed on the ground and rake it in.

Like all fast growing leafy greens loves rich soil with steady moisture and a good supply of nutrients, especially nitrogen.

It can cope with heat and dry conditions a lot better than any other leafy green.

Data sheet

Genetic Purity
Min: 98%
Physical Purity
Min: 98%
Inert matter
Max: 20%
Min: 75%