Bottle Gourd Seeds


Bottle Gourd is a vigorously growing climbing vine with thick green leaves and fleshy long fruits. The vine is almost free from pest attacks and diseases. It can be grown in the ground or in a container with a trellis/wall for it to climb on.

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Seeds comes in a 10gm pack.


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The fruits are delicious with many culinary uses. The standard germination time is about 3 days and the fruits will appear in about 40-50 days from sowing. With every order you will receive guidelines for sowing, replanting and care.

Bottle Gourd requires a long warm growing season.

Grows best in temperature between of 23 C to 30 C. Special care is required to protect the crop from frost.

It can be grown well in all kind of soil. But sandy loam and clay-loam are best for its cultivation.

The Optimum pH range is between 6.5 to 7.5.

Gourds should be planted outdoors in full sunlight, with plenty of space to sprawl. Even it can be grown in pots as well.

Water the field as per need of crop. Keep seedlings moist but not wet. Use a watering can with fine spray.

The plant can grow to over 15 ft, so they need soil support to climb by the tendrils or trellis along the stem


Harvesting of Bottle gourd can start after 55 days of sowing and can be continued at 3 to 4 days’ interval. 

Data sheet

Genetic Purity
Min: 98%
Physical Purity
Min: 98%
Inert matter
Max: 2%
Min: 75%