Brinjal Long Seeds


The brinjal, which is commonly known as the eggplant or aubergine in the western world, is closely related to tomatoes and potatoes as it lies in the same Solanum family.

It is a staple part of many cuisines all over the world, and used in many popular dishes, with one of the more famous ones  being ratatouille.

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Seeds comes in a 10gm pack.


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In tropical or subtropical climates, like India, the seeds can directly be sown into the ground. However, make sure that there is no more risk of frost, and that the cold season has truly made way for warmer climes.

The brinjal plant requires lots of sun to thrive. The seeds need to be planted 1cm deep and spaced about 15 cm from each other. Water regularly and the seeds generally germinate within 2-3 weeks.

Other than the basics of sun and water, the eggplant is generally quite a hardy plant, and does not need much external nutrients or feeding. A layer of mulch, though not required, will help the growth of the plant. Usually the first blossoms are not very attractive and do not yield fruit due to lack of pollination. However, this can be altered by hand pollinating your plants.

The crop should be harvested around 2-3 months after germination, where the fruit is picked from the flower. Generally they are harvested over a month, with weekly pickings.

Data sheet

Genetic Purity
Min: 98%
Physical Purity
Min: 98%
Inert matter
Max: 2%
Min: 75%