Syngonium pink plant


Syngonium Pink is a houseplant with a beautiful foliage native to tropical rainforest. It belongs to the family of Araceae.

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Plant comes with 4-6 inch pot.


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This plant can be grown as a houseplant indoors, but only in its juvenile foliage stages. Syngonium is a plant which needs very basic care and is well adapted to household circumstances for growth. Therefore, it can be termed as a perfect indoor plant. Syngonium needs good sunlight to grow. But direct sunlight can be dangerous to this plant and affect the plant's health.Avoid putting this plant in direct sunlight and it is good to go. This plant can also adapt itself to lower levels of sunlight if required.

This plant needs to be watered properly for proper growth. Syngonium should be watered regularly from Spring to Summer, however, during Winter regular watering is better to be avoided.

Data sheet

Plant Height
6-12 inches
Partial Sun

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