Grafted Cactus Pink


Grafting a cactus is a common method for cactus propagation. During the grafting process, a piece is cut off from a species of cactus, and grown onto another cut piece of s different species.

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Plant comes with 6 inches pot.


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Cactus belong the family of plants known as 'Cactaceae'. Generally, these plants can be found in the America.Different species of this plant can be grafted together to form a beautiful plant.

They can be propagated using leaf cuttings, grafting, and stem cuttings.Caring for a grafted cactus depends on the two species, which are used in the graft.It is important to take special care of a grafted cactus plant, as the chlorophyll lacking cactus will die, if not grafted properly with a cactus having chlorophyll.

The watering needs of the grafted cactus plant are not very high. This plant can survive in the 'lack of water' situations.

Data sheet

Plant Height
6-8 Inches