Rakhi bel is a perpetual climber with woody stem develops to 15-20 meter with rings looking for a backing and creates delightful white blossoms with purple, blue, or pink calyx crown sprouts. Blooms all the year round. The leaves are substitute, palmately five-lobed 10–18 cm long and wide.

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Plants comes in 6 Inches pot.


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The reason behind this name Krishan Kamal or Rakhi bel is the structure of the flower. Some say that the flower of the plant is associated with Mahabharata of Indian Mythology. According to the Indian mythology, the 5 petals of the plant indicate the Pandavas; the small petals are around 100 indicating the Kauravas while the corona of the flower depicts Draupadi.

This flower looks so similar to a Rakhi  to the people that is why it is also known as the Rakhi plant.

The plant requires abundant of sunlight. The passiflora needs the morning sunlight while they need to be protected from the afternoon sun.

Water:4to 5 cups of water would be sufficient. They have moderate needs. Create a draining hole inside the pot to provide saturation of water and soil.

Temperature: 19-24ºC

Bloom Season: Summer.

Soil:A well aerated moist soil is required by the plant.

Fertilizer:Apply any organic fertilizer twice a year, once in early spring and other is in midsummer.

Propagation:The best time to plant the passiflora is during the late spring using proper fertilizers and direct sunlight.

Prune time: Carry out pruning just after flowering by shortening flowered tips and side shoots to a couple of buds.

Repotting: They will need repotting annually.

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-14 Inches
Full Sun
Moderate Soil