Money Plant -Big Leaf


Money Plant is a very low maintenance plant which is very decorative. It hardly needs water and can grow in every soil. It can be grown outside of the houses for the look but it can be grown indoors as well.

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Plant comes in a 4-6 inch pot.


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Epipremnum aureum is the scientific name for the money plant. The plant is common to grow as a houseplant. It is believed that the plant brings good luck, wealth, and fortune in your life hence comes the name of money plant.The plant is known by many names like devil's ivy, taro vine, hunter's robe, golden pothos and much more. They belong to the family of Araceae.

The plant loves water. These evergreen climbers are easy to grow. They don't die easily even when they are not provided with the basic resources. Therefore they are known as devil's ivy.You can grow the plant inside a container, jars, pots or in your courtyard. You can plant it anytime.Usually, money plant grows near a river bank where there is ample of water. They require a lot of moisture to survive

Do regular watering of the plant. Provide with 3 to 4 cups of water during the summer and reduce it during the winter. You can water the plant once in every 2 to 3 weeks during the winter. Water the plant such that the soil becomes humid and moist but not wet.Don't overwater it under any situation.

Data sheet

Plant Height
6-12 inches
Partial Sun