Bottle Brush


The Bottle Brush tree (Callistemon), belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Bottlebrush trees are quite similar (and closest) to the Paperbark melaleucas, who also have flower spikes shaped like a bottlebrush.

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Plant comes in 6-4 Inches Pot.


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The “brush” is a collection of individual blooms; its long filaments are colored by the pollen that forms the tip. The filaments provide the Bottle Brushes’ distinctive shape, and usually, fall into the color range of either red or yellow.

A Bottle Brush plant can have red flower spikes accentuated with bright, yellow pollen.

The flower’s nectar are favorites among nectar-feeding insects and birds like the hummingbird. They make nice additions from butterfly gardening.

The red bottlebrush flowers aren’t just for show – they produce tiny fruits that contain hundreds of seeds inside. The woody fruits form along the stem in clusters. The seeds aren’t immediately released and only fall when the fruits open up after one year.

New Bottle Brush leaves make excellent ornamental accessories, colored brightly and covered with fine, felt-like hair.

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-24 Inches
Full Sun
Well Drained