Dussehri Mango Plant


 The 'Dasheri' mango is a mango cultivar which originated in a village near Kakori in Lucknow district in 18th century. It is a sweet and fragrant variety of mango grown in North India and the southern state Andhra Pradesh, Nepal and Pakistan. Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of the Dasheri mango.

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Plant Comes in 4-6 Inches pot.


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The Dasheri Mango is a favorite fruit for Indians. There are many mango types. Dasheri Mango is a popular variety from the coastal region of southindia. Dasheri MangoCollector Mango is the king of tropical fruit. The ripen fruit of Dasheri Mango is very tasty.

Make the mango plant dry which is suitable for planting because before planting a mango tree the bud of the poly bag should not be wet, it should be dry?

Before planting a tree you should keep a cup of Neem powder and cup of sand mix together keep in the ground before planting a tree and close it with soil and pour some water.

sun to full shade, full sunlight.

Get your soil ready. Mango plants thrive in loose, sandy soil that drains

water easily.  Avoid using chemical fertilizers or any product that contains salt, as these will hinder the growth of your mango tree.  For better growth use organic manures in the soil.  Prepare the soil so that it is tilled about three feet deep, as this will give plenty of space for the roots to spread.

Needs water at the age 7Yrs after that for every 3 moths water the plant.

Require water in summer for every four days.

Plant needs minimum room temperatures.

Don’t use chemical fertilizers to the Plant use Neem Oil and Cow   Manure mix to the soil for Better Result.

Data sheet

Plant Height
2-4 Foot
Full Sun
Well Drained
Bloom time