Anthurium Red (tailflower)


Red Anthurium is a flowering plant native to the Americas. It is a tropical plant with evergreen foliage, they are known by different names like Painted tongue, tail flower. They belong to the family of Araceae.

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Plant comes with 6 inch Round Black Plastic Pot.


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Anthurium plants are also known by the names of tailflower, laceleaf, painted tongue and flamingo flower. These plants can be grown in cooler areas as houseplants, and landscaping plants. The soil used in the pots should be free draining for the proper growth of the plant. They should be watered regularly. The anthurium plants are tolerant to all the levels of the indirect light, which is a preferred lightning condition for them. Low lighting can cause the anthurium plants to grow slower, and have lesser flowers.

Data sheet

Plant Height
8-18 inches
Partial Sun
Flower Color