Beautiful landscaping is a great way to increase the aesthetics of your property and create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Whether you want to focus on increasing your curb appeal with a reimagined front yard, create a backyard retreat with dining and entertaining areas, or both, Plantsnyou can help you from concept to design and execution.

Our team inspects every property thoroughly and gather your requirements to create truly beautiful landscapes.

With vertical  gardens, you can add another dimension to your greens literally. Space matters a lot in our ever-busy metropolitan cities. That is why we can help you to have your garden grow on walls.

We offer vertical gardens that come equipped with automatic watering systems which makes so much easier to maintain. 


A key approach to both sustainability and functional biophilic design is the inclusion of nature itself.

We hand clean and hand apply each floret of moss with great care to leverage the nuance of the varying shades of green and ensure the design reflects the natural, static beauty, and verdure of the moss itself.

We offer quality maintenance services for all types of gardens, be it in your home, office or commercial facility. We have trained professional staff that can cater to the needs of traditional gardens as well as sophisticated modern technology-based rooftop and vertical gardens.

Our service covers five major aspects: Watering – Weed Control – Fertilization – Pest Control & Trimming. Our team provides best-in-class garden maintenance in Delhi.

Terrace garden is one of many ways to lead a healthier and greener life. Now you don’t have to satisfy with only a few small plants for a garden, We can help you to have natural lawn on your rooftop today. 

Our rooftop gardens come equipped triple layer system that help keep the plants healthy and keep the roof safe as well.

How We Work

Working With Us is as Easy as 1,2,3,4

Step One

Site Survey : Our team talks to you to understand the requirements and then visits the site to conduct a detailed survey.

Step Two

Conceptualization : On the basis of site constraints, requirements gathered from you and our expertise. A theme is finalized.

Step Three

List of Material & Sourcing Finalization : A focused effort is put to create the best possible budget by finalizing sourcing of best quality materials at market leading prices.

Step Four

Execution : Last but not the least, a site in charge is assigned for the project who takes care of all you worries and help bring your dream garden to reality.

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With us going Green is easier than ever