Aglaonema Silver Green

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Aglaonema Silver Queen is a variety of aglaonema that has light green leafs and a white stem. Aglaonema Plant is a perennial, evergreen flowering plant native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea.

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Plant comes with 6-8 inch Round Black Plastic Pot.


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Aglaonema Silver Green, commonly called Chinese evergreen, is an evergreen perennial that generally resembles dieffenbachia (dumb cane) in appearance.

It typically grows to 20” tall. Thick, elliptic to lance-shaped, dark green leaves (to 4-8” long and 2-3” wide) with attractive silver-gray blotches on erect, sometimes branched stems. As a houseplant, it rarely flowers. Each axillary flower (typical arum family) features a small creamy white spadix enclosed by a pale green spathe, usually in late summer to early fall. Clusters of red berries follow the flowers.

Data sheet

Plant Height
12-24 inches
Partial Sun

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